We are in this together!

We are closely monitoring COVID-19 (Corona Virus) developments, and want to reassure you that all of our services will continue as usual.

We are an agri-tech company involved in food production, the country need us more at this time than ever.
The company has put in place safety measures to protect our staff, customers and our sponsors' funds at this period.
We are in this together and together, we will beat the virus.

Food Security Is The Responsibility Of Everyone

Farmsponsor is an agric-tech business with the mandate to promote food security in Africa with a host of our products; sponsors receive a 15% return at the end of each poultry farming cycle of 12 weeks.

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Getting started on

Farmsponsor is as simple as ABC.

1 Create
A User Account

Create an account using your email address then proceed to complete your profile. Creating an account takes just a few seconds.

2 Choose
Sponsorship Method

Select a farm from our list of available farms ready for sponsorship on the current farm cycle, buy a specific number of units at N100,000.00 per unit by clicking “sponsor now” or “sponsor via vestbanking” and that’s it.

3 Add Funds To
Vestbanking (Optional)

Add the fund you want to sponsor a farm with to your personal vest bank wallet and proceed to sponsor a farm via vestbanking.

Why you should choose Farmsponsor

We Empower Farmers

We empower local farmers with funds from individuals and skills to produce at capacity or more and in return, you will get back your initial capital and a certain percentage of your initial capital (usually 15%) after harvest (Usually 12 weeks)

High Returns For Our Sponsors

At a return of 15% on your capital investment over the farming season, Farmsponsor has the highest return on investment in the industry

Multiple Farming Cycles

In just over a year since we began operations, we've had over 23 farming cycles. This means that you have the potential to keep earning as much and as often as possible. This is residual income at it's finest.

We’ve been making progress

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Making Giant

We have been making giant strides in the last 22 months since we started this jouney. Our resolve to ending hunger and ensuring food security in africa is the driving force behind this initiative.

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Select a Farm

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Private Sponsorship


Duration 5 years

Port Harcourt

Price per unit N 1,000,000.00

250% Returns

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37th Sponsoring Window


2 weeks from now

Duration 3 months

Port Harcourt

Price per unit N 100,000.00

15% Returns

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36th Sponsoring Window


3 weeks ago

Duration 3 months

Port Harcourt

Price per unit N 100,000.00

15% Returns


Farmsponsor has your investment covered with a robust insurance policy. Our farms are comprehensively insured by reputable insurance companies in Nigeria


Our partners are one of our greatest assets in farmsponsor, as we work together in fostering food security and ending hunger in africa