About Us

Farmsponsor is an agri-tech company that leverages on technology to create an inclusive platform where everyone can be involved in agriculture.

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Our Mission and Vision


Our mission is to drive the participation of everyone in agriculture using technology.


Our vision is to ensure food is available for everyone by getting everyone involved in agriculture.

We’ve been making progress

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What we offer

Regular Sponsorship

Farmsponsor offers a regular sponsorship window for investors, this sponsorship window usually last for a period of 12 weeks. With a minimum investment of N100,000, sponsors stand to benefit a 15% ROI over the farming season.

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Equity Sponsorship

Funding for our farm expansion plan is to be sourced from private equity sponsors, who are interested in a medium-term investment of five years with a minimum equity contribution of N1,000,000 per sponsor. This debt finance would be serviced by Farmsponsor for five years at the following rates. First Year 17% first six months & 20% second six months, second Year 22% first six months & 25% second six months, third Year 25% first six month & 25% second six month, fourth Year 28% first six month & 28% second six month, fifth Year 30% first six month & 30% second six month. Giving private sponsors a return of 250% in five years. At the end of this period, a debt-equity swap option is open to private sponsors to convert all debt to an equity stake, giving private sponsors ownership interest in Globetrot Farmsponsor Nigeria Limited.


Vestbanking Wallet

Did you know that in our bid to delivering added value all year round to our sponsors, we are glad to introduce our Vestbanking platform to our sponsors, inviting them to vest their funds with Farmsponsor. How does it work? Vestanking allows sponsors to add more value by keeping their funds with us untill a new sponsorship windows opens, the benefits are enormous as sponsors can now participate in future sponsorship windows in advance and on time. No more missing your sponsorship windows or being told that units are sold out. The minimum vestbanking amount is NGR 1000 however, only a minimum of 1 unit (i.e NGN100,000) can be used to sponsor local farmers in our sponsorship windows.

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This is the Farmsponsor Out-Grower Scheme, a programme of Farmsponsor that caters for farmers. They enjoy access to quality farm inputs/services (feed, medication, day old chicks, Veterinarian, insurance) and market for mature birds. We set up trainings, seminars, workshops, scholarship programs for farmers, also micro pension scheme, farm consultancy and constructions. We have over 300 farmers in our farming programs across Nigeria, majority of which are in Rivers State, Abuja and Ebonyi State.


This is one of the pivotal aspects of the value chain of the poultry business in Nigeria. Breeders produce hatchable eggs to supply the Hatchery. Our breeders’ farm accommodates Cobb 500 and Ross 308 parent stock. In our breeders’ farm, a process of artificial insemination is done to increase the fertility and hatchability rate of our eggs. This farm is located at Obeakpu, Ndoki Rivers State where eggs are produced and sent to the commercial broilers farm after they are hatched. We have a 60,000-stocking capacity for the breeders’ farm.


It is a facility where eggs are hatched for 21 days under artificial conditions to Day Old Chicks. Our current hatchery installed capacity is 100,000 Day Old Chicks weekly for our farms and commercial purposes. It is located at Afam, Oyigbo Rivers State.


This is located at Obeakpu, Ndoki Rivers State. We have a stocking capacity of 360,000 broilers, equipped with battery cages and manure dryers.


We have a processing plant capacity of 2500 birds per day at Afam, Oyigbo where birds are processed from reception of matured birds to ante mortem inspection, slaughtering, scalding, de-feathering, head and limb removal, evisceration, cutting, washing of carcass, rinsing, draining, packaging, labeling, storage, delivery for sales and consumption. We are expanding our capacity to process 1000 birds per hour at an automated plant in Obeakpu, Ndoki Rivers State, after which the former plant will be decommissioned into a water production and packaging materials plant.


Froshen Premium chicken & Frosh Supermarkets. We produce healthy and hygienic chicken meat for the public for easy access and at an affordable cost for consumption. Investor’s deposits are diversified in various retail products to yield more profit and to broaden the shopping experience. This represents the front end of Farmsponsor operations where we interface directly with consumers of Froshen Premium Chicken, other groceries and household items.


Feed mill business is one of the currently booming businesses in Nigeria. With the increase in poultry farm establishment in the country comes the demand of poultry feed as well. Poultry feeds are in demand for optimum egg and meat production. Recently there has been progressive rise in the price of feed. We have 10tonnes per hour capacity feed mill factory where we produce animal feed from raw agricultural products for our farms and commercial purposes.


These are the plantations for Farmsponsor cash and food crops such as maize, soya beans and oil palm. This also represents an investment arm of Farmsponsor aimed at providing safe investment options for individuals, with years of guaranteed sustainability in our business system, we have created a way for individuals to invest with a cash investment ranging from a minimum of NGN100.000 thousand naira to N100 million, individuals are assured of a 250% flat rate return on investment for a period of five (5) years and initial investment amount is refunded after the investment period or used to buy a palm tree in the plantation which continues to produce revenue for Eighteen (18) years. Palm oil tree plantation is one of the most useful plantations in the world from the fruit to the palm frond. It is a natural multipurpose agricultural produce for commercial purposes. Our plantations are currently located at Onicha, Ebonyi State and Komu, Oyo State.

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