Frequently Asked Question

Who is a sponsor?

An individual or group that sponsors a farmer

What is a Farm Cycle?

The period from after the sponsoring window, through the farming period until after harvest and sales.

What is a unit?

These are packets of sponsorship data created by Farmsponsor for sponsors to buy. The funds gotten from sale of unit are used to fund farmers throughout the farm cycle.

What is a Farm?

This is the location where Farmsponsor carry out agricultural activities

What are returns?

The yield (remunerations) paid at the end of the farm cycle to the sponsors.

What is a Sponsoring Window?

The window of opportunity for sponsors to send funds to farmers through Farmsponsor.

What is my return?

Your seed input (Capital) plus a percentage of your seed input, depending on the farm cycle and window you sponsored.

Can I have multiple sponsorships?

YES! So long as they fall within a sponsorship window and they are not below the minimum or above the maximum sponsorship amount, otherwise it is consired alien sponsorship

What is the minimum I can sponsor with?

It depends on the farm, the sponsoring window and cycle. This will be duly advertised..

Who's eligible to sponsor?

A sponsor must be least 18 years old to participate or with the help of a guardian if below 18.

Are you covered by insurance?

A third party insurance covers Farmsponsor from financial loss and by extension both farmers and sponsors are indemnified from financial losses. This implies that all returns are assured.

When do I get my returns?

At the end of the term of the farming cycle.

How can I sponsor a farm?

Select a farm from our list of available farms ready for sponsorship on the current farm cycle, buy a specific number of units at N100,000.00 per unit by clicking “sponsor now” or “sponsor via vestbanking” and that’s it.

Can I sponsor from any country?

Yes, you can sponsor from any where in the world

I am a farmer, how do I join farmsponsor programme?

If you have an up-to-capacity farm and are willing to do business with us, then contact us with: +2347025500035

What is private sponsorship

expansion plan is to be sourced from private equity sponsors, who are interested in a medium-term investment of 5 years with a minimum equity contribution of N1,000,000 per sponsor